CyberTrain offer a range of bespoke training &

security testing services


CyberTrain offer a range of cyber training and cyber security services to include:


  • Cyber Awareness, Penetration Testing & Digitial Forensics courses

  • Bespoke training solutions to meet your specific needs

  • Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Information Governance Services (Policies and Procedures)

  • Risk Assessment Services (Cyber Essentials) 


Penetration Testing Foundations - Our Flagship


As part of our offering, we deliver a Penetration Testing Foundations (PTF) course that is intended to bring early career penetration testers up to a similar level to that of a CHECK Team Member. During this five day course you will be trained by an experienced penetration tester.  The course covers many of the fundamental skills required for a penetration tester to successfully test infrastructure and web applications.  Whilst it is expected that delegates will have some experience of operating systems and networking, it is not essential to have had any previous testing experience.



Penetration testing can be a costly and time consuming activity and unless testing is backed up with timely and extensive remediation, this effort can be less valuable than having staff who could undertake some of the more routine testing activity in-house. 


CyberTrain offer the Penetration Testing Foundations course, which allow SMEs and organisations with limited budgets for cyber security to train a member of staff to conduct basic penetration testing in addition to or in place of the standard penetration testing cycle.   


A penetration test can cost your organization "thousands of pounds" and if not properly scoped, executed and supported, may offer only limited value in undertaking the resulting remediation required to 'strengthen' your security posture.


Why not empower your technical staff to undertake internal testing and only engage an external testing partner when there are technical or compliance issues that mandate the use of a more expensive 3rd party.

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